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J200 LA Instrument
J200 LA Instrument
J200 LIBS Instrument

J200 LA Instrument

Think your LA results are the best they can be by optimized laser wavelength, alone? Think again. The J200 Data Analysis software package, along with the J200 LA instrument from Applied Spectra, Inc., transforms your laser ablation data into a real solution for your analytical applications via a straight-forward user interface.

Whether you are doing quantitative analysis for complex samples, spatially-resolved mapping analysis, or a quick survey for rapid isotope detection, the J200 LA instrument works seamlessly with your ICP-MS to provide the best user experience to help you discover the answers that you have been looking for.

ASI’s scientific team, with decades of laser ablation research, and hundreds of scholarly publications regarding LA-ICP-MS, also stand behind the J200 LA instrument and provide the industry-leading customer support.

The J200 Instrument:

  • Rapid direct solid sampling
  • Element / isotope mapping and depth profiling
  • Industry leading data analysis software for quantitative and mapping analysis
  • Extended elemental coverage and concentration dynamic range available with the added LIBS option on the J200 Tandem LA-LIBS
  • Best method-development support from world-class LA-ICP-MS experts

Some of the highlights of the J200 LA instrument include an option for a compact, modular design, auto sampling height adjustment for uneven sample surfaces, sample chamber optimization for LA measurements, high precision gas flow control, and a dual camera sample visualization system.

Additionally, the J200’s design allows for the configuration of three different LIBS detectors, with a multiple detector option, opening up a wide range of analytical applications in the standalone LIBS mode of the instrument. For more information, contact us for product brochures and specification sheets.

Application Notes

Achieving Ultra-Sensitive Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) Analysis with the J200 LA Instrument: A Glass Sample Study

Ultrasensitive ICP SampleApplied Spectra Inc.’s J200 LA instrument, along with ICP-MS, was used to establish figures of merit for glass standard reference materials. The samples were analyzed to determine absolute mass measurements, as well to determine limits of detection.

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