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GeoStar Software
GeoStar Software

GeoStar μGISTM Software

Intuitive Control Software

The RESOlution control software, GeoStar, is widely regarded by many users to be the best and most versatile control software available. It was developed by the scientific software company, Norris Software, which has over fifteen years of programming and interface design, as well as extensive microanalytical experience.

GeoStar μGIS™ software has been specifically written for RESOlution instruments. Its intuitive interface is easy to learn and it allows new users to get started very quickly. An extensive range of sophisticated features ensures that any researcher can easily program an ablation sequence.

The software is great for both manual point selection and for automated runs thousands of points long. Special design features make sample navigation a breeze with rich sample imagery and automated mosaic collection, to ensure you always choose the correct grain, phase, or growth band for ablation.

The unique structured interface is simple for users to learn, along with many powerful features for the conscientious laboratory manager:

  • Completely automated instrument control
  • Integrated on-sample fluence calibration and laser energy
  • management
  • Visual-Stage-Correction offers sub-micron positioning
  • Import images from any source, such as an SEM or petrographic microscope
  • Integrate with any ICP-MS

Laser fluence management ensures the correct on-sample fluence throughout the working week. Laser output is continuously monitored for reliable gas handling and exceptional laser ablation.

GeoStar is designed for complete automation, while also offering manual point-by-point ablation. When creating an automated sequence the software supports many thousands of points, and offers:

  • Drag and drop reordering
  • Cut and paste reordering
  • Undo and redo operations
  • Visual and name-based selection
  • “Distribute” feature automatically brackets samples with standards
Geostar screen-shot
Geostar screen-shot

Explore GeoStar

GeoStar Features

The RESOlution control software, GeoStar, has been designed to offer an intuitive interface with a simple and attractive layout and rich visual controls. Well-designed software is very important, since many LA-ICP-MS laboratories host external visitors, or experience a high turnover of new users of assorted experience, from students to senior professors. GeoStar will minimize learning time and alleviate training obligations for the laboratory manager.

Image Import

One of the primary user tasks while undertaking LA-ICP-MS is the location and identification of points to ablate. While a RESOlution instrument provides a high-resolution camera and high-magnification microscope, there may be some sample features that are not immediately apparent in reflected or transmitted light. To assist with sample navigation, the GeoStar software features a powerful image-coordination tool. This allows the user to import images from any source.

Remote Access

RESOlution instruments are powered by a high-end PC running Windows 7. During normal use the PC is housed inside the instrument, though it can be easily removed for maintenance or inspection. While the PC supplied at the time of installation will be quite powerful, computers are continually improving.

Offline Version

All users are able to install and distribute an offline version of GeoStar, which provides a convenient interface for marking sample imagery with points and paths for ablation. The sample and file are later brought to the laboratory and the sequence imported using the powerful image coordination features. This offline sequence definition saves instrument time.

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