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S155 Sample Holders
Flexible & Versatile

S155 sample cells are supplied with a range of high-quality sample holders. Beautifully designed and precision machined, these sample holders offer a range of flexible mounting options to suit all samples. Special holder designs are also available, and Laurin Technic can make custom holders to suit your exact needs.

All sample holders offer both spring mounting and grub screws, combining ease of use with high strength of fixing. The precision machining of the holder lip ensures that all samples are held flat and uniform at the appropriate height. While LA-ICP-MS can be undertaken on rough, or unpolished specimens, the best results are always achieved when samples are well mounted.

  • The S155 round section holder can mount twenty 25mm (1″) rounds
  • The S155 thin section holder can mount nine 25 x 50mm (1 x 2″) thin sections

The universal holder provides the ultimate flexibility for mounting irregular samples.  This holder can handle arbitrary-sized objects, while ensuring they present a flat surface to the incident laser beam.

The combination of fittings (included as standard) allows especially fiddly and difficult-to-mount samples to be presented flat and perpendicular to the laser.

These sample holders are designed to accommodate 1″ round mounts and square format mounts (3cm x 3cm). the thin-section mounts shown below come in two sizes; one which can hold the European standard 30mm wide thin sections and 25mm thin sections.

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