Discover the groundbreaking analytical capabilities of the Tandem LA – LIBS Technology at Geo Analysis 2022

Join us in Freiberg, Germany for GEOANALYSIS 2022

(Booth #12, Schlossplatzquartier, TU Bergakademie Freiberg)

Discover the groundbreaking analytical capabilities of the Tandem LA – LIBS Technology.

Our excimer (193 nm), solid-state (213 & 266 nm), and femtosecond lasers reshape geochemical analysis:

Simultaneous or standalone LA-ICP-MS and LIBS under one instrument platform

Major/minor composition data by LIBS from every laser pulse during LA-ICP-MS measurement

Mineral zone identification
Inclusion detection
Outlier data determination
Data normalization using LIBS signal 

High-speed chemical imaging with fast-washout performance and best LIBS sensitivity

High precision and throughput zircon U-Pb chronology with S155 cell (RESOlution Instrument)

Access to light, organic, and halogen elements (Be, B, Li, C, H, O, N, F and S) difficult or impossible by ICP-MS alone

hydroxyapatite, fluorapatite and chlorapatite
Tourmaline and sulfide minerals

Trace-level metals and REE by LA-ICP-MS

Geographical provenance with fusion of LIBS and LA-ICP-MS data)
In 2012, more than a decade ago, Applied Spectra introduced our proprietary Tandem LA – LIBS technology. This powerful technology continued to advance and was perfected over a decade by our team of scientists and engineers and is now available for all of our laser ablation products including our RESOlution SE excimer instrument.

LIBS analysis of C and H content for shale sections collected from different drilled depths

We invite you to visit our booth #12 during GEOANALYSIS 2012 and connect with Dr. Jean-Yves Henry, our European LA and LIBS product specialist. Whether you are interested in specific performance improvement in U-Pb and other isotope system dating, high-speed chemical imaging of mineral zones, inclusion detection and characterization, or accurate geo-provenance work involving LIBS and LA-ICP-MS data, we love to discuss with you on the capabilities and benefits of our products. See you at GEOANALYSIS 2012!

Geological mineral classification by LIBS

LIBS and LA-ICP-MS elemental maps of concrete sample produced by RESOlution Tandem (RESOlution SE with Tandem PrismTM)

Notable Research Publication from McGill University, Canada

The analysis of volcanic brines by freezing stage tandem LIBS-ICP-MS

Chemical Geology, Volume 603, 5 August 2022, 120910

This recent publication by Dr. Kim Berlo and her research team at GEOTOP, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, McGill University highlights the innovative approach for direct analysis of hyper-acidic volcanic lake fluids by freezing fluid in a cryo-chamber of J200 Tandem LA – LIBS Instrument and subsequently conducting tandem analysis by LA-ICP-MS and LIBS. This approach demonstrated trueness of better than 10% for K, Li, Na, Mg, Al, Ca, S and Cl for both LIBS and LA-ICP-MS.