Visit Us at Booth #12 during EWCPS 2023, Ljubljana, Slovenia, January 29- February 3

Happy New Year! Applied Spectra is pleased to announce that we are exhibiting at EWCPS 2023, Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia. If you are attending the conference, we would like to invite you to visit our booth #12.
 At the conference, we are highlighting 3 major LIBS and LA Instrument advances – in the area of hardware and software. First, we have recently launched Tandem PrismTM to enable Tandem LA-ICP-MS and LIBS analysis for the excimer laser ablation. With Tandem PrismTM, the RESOlution Instrument now delivers precise and sensitive LA-ICP-MS measurements for geological and other analytical applications while also detecting elements traditionally challenging for LA-ICP-MS (such as C, H, F, O, and other light elements) with LIBS – with every laser pulses.
Tandem PrismTMfor RESOlution to deliver the world 1st Tandem LA – LIBS capability for excimer laser ablation.

Second, we are launching our next generation data analysis software – ClarityNeXtTM this April.  The ClarityNextTM is a quantum leap in workflow management, LIBS and LA-ICP-MS data fusion, analysis automation, elemental imaging and data visualization, and spectral calibration tools. Contact us to request a private demo of the ClarityNextTM at our booth (#12) during EWCPS 2023.

ClarityNextTM – A quantum leap in the LIBS, LA-ICP-MS, and Tandem data analysis

Third, we are introducing THP technology for sample cells of J200 and RESOlution Tandem Instruments. The THP technology enables a fast washout for LA chambers of J200 and RESOlution Instruments while providing the best accessibility to plasma emission for the maximum LIBS sensitivity performance. Based on this technology, our instruments deliver an unrivaled performance on high-speed Tandem (simultaneous LIBS and LA-ICP-MS) chemical imaging.  

THP technology for J200 Vertex cell – Vertex THP

We look forward to meeting you at EWCPS 2023!