LIBS and LA-ICP-MS workshop by EAG and Applied Spectra

Applied Spectra, a laser ablation technology leader and EAG, a global scientific service company, are pleased to announce free 2 day technical workshop for LIBS and LA-ICP-MS at EAG’s Syracuse, NY Campus


Learn from the Experts!

Applied Spectra, Inc and EAG’s world class scientific team invite you to attend 2-day workshop focusing on laser micro-sampling technique of LIBS and LA-ICP-MS. Both techniques are seeing resurgence of use in industrial applications and possess technical advantages that other analytical techniques cannot provide. This workshop is also your chance to learn the latest advance in LA sampling technology that combines LA-ICP-MS and LIBS to enable rapid measurement of every element in the periodic table including those that are difficult with ICP-MS alone, such as C,H,O,N,F and other halogen elements. Attend the workshop and see how LIBS and LA-ICP-MS can be used with specific examples.

  • Measurement of lighter elements such as B, Li, O, K, and Na in glass samples
  • Measurement of C and H in soil sediments and shale cores
  • C and alloying elements in steel, cast irons, and other metal alloys
  • Analysis of REE and other trace elements in coal samples
  • Impurity analysis in Li-ion battery raw materials
  • Sample classification and screening with PCA
  • 3D elemental imaging for thin film structures

LIBS and LA-ICP-MS are analytical techniques that you need to understand and have under your portfolio of analytical techniques to solve your QC, material development, and production problems!

The workshop also overviews typical limits of detection of LIBS and LA-ICP-MS and their resolution for spatially resolved analysis. At the end of the workshop, the attendees are expected to understand how LIBS and LA-ICP-MS compare with respect to other analytical techniques such as SIMS, GD-MS/OES, XRF (ED &WD), SEM-EDS, Spark/Arc OES, XPS, SIMS, TOF-SIMS, RBS, Auger and other solid analysis techniques.

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Schedule and Location:

Date and Time:

Thursday, 26th of September: 9:30 am to 5 pm, lunch will be provided.

Friday, 27th of September: 9.30 am to 12 pm, for one-on-one demos. Please contact the workshop organizers in advance if you are interested in having your samples tested. Only pre-agreed upon samples will be analyzed.


EAG Laboratories, 103 Commerce Boulevard, Liverpool, Syracuse, NY, USA, 13077


Eurofins EAG has secured a special rate of $115 (plus tax) per night for the 25th and 26th of September, at the conveniently located Staybridge Suites, in Liverpool, which includes complimentary breakfasts and free morning shuttle bus transport to the workshop site. Please use this link to redeem this offer. Click here!