Applied Spectra at Korea LAB 2018

Visit Applied Spectra at Booth #7M301
at Korea LAB 2018
Kintex, Korea, April 17~20, 2018

Applied Spectra is ready to showcase our latest instrumentation advances in LA chemical analysis at Korea LAB 2018. New hardware updates and options now make our J200 LIBS, LA, and Tandem LA-LIBS Instrument more sensitive, flexible, and ready to address any elements in the periodic table. Our data analysis software Clarity continues to outshine any software solutions for delivering accurate quantitative answers and powerful 2D/3D elemental imagining analysis. We look forward to meeting you at our booth (#7M301).

Recommended Seminar at Korea LAB 2018
  • Seminar Title: Femto iX, the most innovative Femtosecond Laser Ablation System with compact design and superior performance.
  • Date: 18 April 2018, Wednesday, 3:00pm
  • Location:Exhibition hall, Seminar Room A

To register, please send your name, email, company name, title, and contact information here.

The following people may benefit from this Seminar:

  • Anyone who wants to do the fast and real-time analysis
  • Anyone interested in learning about femtosecond LA for higher sensitivity and precision measurements
  • Anyone who wants to improve depth profiling resolution to 10’s nm range
  • SEM-EDS and EPMA experts who want to image elemental distribution more rapidly and desire higher detection sensitivity for lighter elements
  • Li-ion battery QC/QA staff who are interested in quick understanding of binder distribution in cathode and anode (PVDF & CMC)
  • Lab managers with high-end ICP-MS (multi-collector ICP-MS, HR ICP-MS, ICP-QQQ, etc) who are looking for solid sampling capability
  • Researchers familiar with LA-ICP-MS who are looking to improve existing analytical performance of nanosecond LA-ICP-MS