Visit Applied Spectra’s Booth at NASLIBS 2011

July 18-20, 2011, Clearwater, Florida

Visit Applied Spectra’s booth at NASLIBS 2011 to hear about the upcoming release of our Aurora LIBS Specrometer. Not all LIBS spectrometers are created equal. We’ll show you how Aurora can advance your LIBS research and applications.

Aurora features:Aurora

  • Customizable 3 to 6 CCD channel spectrometers
  • Balanced performance between spectral resolution and detection sensitivity
  • Integrated pulse generator for laser and gating parameter control
  • Accurate gate delay control down to 50 nsec with low jitter
  • Powerful data analytics software
  • ASI LIBS GDT chemometric software for forensic analysis
  • LIBS technical and research support from Applied Spectra’s team of experts.

Win an iPad!

Visit Applied Spectra’s booth, meet our technical sales staff, and complete a short survey to register to win an iPad 2.

ASI President and CEO, Dr. Richard Russo, to Speak at NASLIBS

Applied Spectra’s President and CEO, Dr. Richard Russo, will give a presentation: “LIBS: Perception to Reality” during Session II: Present and Future of LIBS, on July 18th (Mon) at 10:55 AM. We hope to see you there!


NASLIBS 2011 will focus on developments in science and applications surrounding Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS), including new commercial (product) developments. A significant feature of this rapidly-emerging technology is the capability of remote/standoff and real-time determination of the chemical composition of nearly any sample in any physical state, with a minimum of sample preparation. For more information about the conference, visit