Join us for a free technical webinar – 3D chemical mapping using LIBS and LA-ICP-MS

Rapid High-Resolution 3D Elemental Imaging and Analysis of Energy Materials, Spent Catalysts, Biological and Geological Samples Using LIBS and LA-ICP-MS

Presented by Alexander Bolshakov
Tuesday, April 3, at 11:am (PST)

Attendees will have a chance to learn basic concept of LIBS and LA-ICP-MS as well as highly innovative Tandem LA–LIBS technology for simultaneous LIBS and LA-ICP-MS analysis. Attendees will learn LA sampling approaches to visualize elemental distribution and subsequent data processing and display of the maps, all available from J200 LA, LIBS or Tandem LA – LIBS instrument data analysis software Clarity.

An emphasis will be on depth profiling, 2D mapping and 3D imaging by LIBS and Tandem LA-ICP-MS/LIBS approach.

Examples will include:

  • Chemical imaging of advanced microstructures, biological and geological samples
  • Mapping of human tumor tissue section
  • 3D images of electrode structures in Li-ion battery cells
  • Elemental mapping of electronic circuit packages
  • Composition profiling of CIGS photovoltaic cells (active layer and substrate)
  • Penetration of impurities (Al, Ni, Fe, V, Cu, Ti) into spent catalysts
  • 2D mapping of shale rock sections (hydrocarbons and other inorganic elements)
  • Profiling of smartphone protective glass composition
3D maps of 2 major elements, Si and Ca, detected by LIBS, while U and Ce distribution were mapped using LA-ICP-MS

3D maps of 2 major elements, Si and Ca, detected by LIBS, while U and Ce distribution were mapped using LA-ICP-MS


Who should attend:

  • SEM-EDS and EPMA experts who want to image elemental distribution more rapidly and desire higher detection sensitivity for lighter elements
  • Material researchers who are especially interested in understanding of elemental distribution for hydrogen and other organic elements
  • Li-ion battery QC/QA staff who are interested in quick understanding of binder distribution in cathode and anode (PVDF & CMC)
  • Li-ion battery researchers interested in understanding electrode chemistry change
  • Geologists who routinely map REE and transition metals in minerals but also want to cover F, Cl, H, O, N, C, and other volatiles
  • Medical researchers involved in cancer drug development and related bio-tissue imaging for drug efficacy assessment
  • Anyone who want to learn innovative elemental mapping technique delivered by simultaneous LA-ICP-MS and LIBS (Tandem LA – LIBS)


Alexander Bolshakov, Ph.D

Alexander Bolshakov, Ph.D

Dr. Alex Bolshakov, Sr. Scientist from Applied Spectra

Alexander Bolshakov, Ph.D has 25 years of experience in the fields of laser spectroscopy and plasma physics. He was a Senior Research Associate at the NASA Ames Research Center and is now a Senior Scientist at Applied Spectra. He has been published in a variety of journals, including The Russian Chemical Review, Technical Physics, and The Journal of Applied Physics. Read more…