Applied Spectra Awarded NASA Phase II SBIR Funding

FREMONT, Calif. (December 10, 2009) — Applied Spectra, Inc., announced today that it has been awarded Phase II SBIR funding from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Using complementary spectroscopic techniques with LIBS technology, the goal of this SBIR project will be the development of a device for analyzing key isotopic composition of surface materials, without sample preparation. The program will be led by Dr. Alexander Bolshakov, Ph.D.

“While the immediate focus is on Mars, our concept is also highly germane to other applications with biochemical and geochemical objectives,” said Dr. Bolshakov.

The Phase II contract period lasts two years.

About Applied Spectra

Applied Spectra is a leading supplier of laser-based analytical instruments. Our unique, highly automated products harness the latest in laser ablation analysis techniques. We simplify the process of elemental chemical analysis, while delivering rapid, high-precision results that are environmentally friendly. Founded in 2004, we have a manufacturing, research and development facility in Fremont, CA, USA.
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