Visit Applied Spectra booth# 1450 at Cast Expo 2019, Atlanta, GA

Discover J200 LIBS for Metal and Metal Alloy Analysis at CASTEXPO 2019

Move up to J200 LIBS from your old Spark/Arc OES and XRF instruments for your metal and metal alloys analysis. If you have been “burning” your samples with electrical sparks for OES analysis, now is the time to try the laser pulses for rapid OES analysis.
Why burn with lasers? The lasers can burn both conducting and nob-conducting samples, allowing you to measure not only metal and its alloys but other materials like slag. The lasers can burn the area smaller than 10 micron for specific inclusion analysis. The lasers are fast increasing speed for quantitative bulk analysis. The lasers are effective for lighter elements such as C, O, H, and N – often difficult or impossible by XRF. Want to hear more?
The J200 LIBS Instrument is the advanced, powerful benchtop, direct solid OES analyzer that uses short laser pulses to deliver high power density for effective ablation and robust ionization. This means The J200 LIBS instrument can efficiently burn difficult materials such as carbon flakes present in cast irons. The measurement time can be saved without need to “pre-burn” (Spark OES) or waiting for carbon signal to stabilize (GD-OES).
At Cast Expo 2019, Applied Spectra is ready to show how you can take your metal and metal alloy analysis to the next level with J200 LIBS instrument.

Visit us at our booth #1450, and meet our world class scientific team to learn how our LIBS technology can help overcome the challenges that you are facing with your analysis!