Visit Applied Spectra Booth #614 at SCIX 2018


Visit Applied Spectra Booth #614 at SCIX 2018,
October 22-25

We have been waiting all year for SCIX 2018. This year SCIX is hosting International LIBS 2018 and we are excited to be a part of the conference and to have the opportunity to connect with outstanding LIBS and LA-ICP-MS researchers from all over the world.

Visit our booth (#614). We want to share the latest development on our LIBS instrument advances, new applications based on Tandem LA-LIBS technology, and Clarity data analysis software that is now driving LIBS into industry QC applications. In “What’s Hot Vendor Presentation” at SCIX2018. Dr. Jhanis Gonzalez will highlight the most advanced LIBS and Tandem LA-LIBS elemental imaging software called Clarity Image Plus. We look forward to meeting you at our booth #614.

Let us talk about our latest advances in our instrument solutions:

  • All new J200 Femto iX LA Instrument- Femtosecond laser cost is coming down.  We are now offering cost-effective LA instrument solution for many demanding analytical applications requiring high spatial resolution and precision performance.  And yes, add LIBS capability to your Femto LA instrument and cover elements like C, H, O, N, F that you probably thought impossible!
  • Vertex™ and Flex™ LA sample cell innovation-We got it all when it comes to LA cell offering.  Fast washout. Reproducibility. LIBS compatibility.
  • Clarity Tandem data analysis software- Choice of univariate and multivariate models for best quantification results, PCA analysis, and LIBS/LA-ICP-MS signal processing.  Simply the best software for laser ablation chemical analysis.
  • Clarity Image Plus– Powerful way to visualize your elements in your sample. Speak with Dr. Gonzalez for software demonstration.
  • J200 Tandem LA-LIBS Instrument applications – Our customers are growing and applications are expanding. We will listen to you and show you the way!


Technical Presentations by Applied Spectra

Short Course: Advance Applications of LA-ICP-OES, LA-ICP-MS, and LIBS

  • Speaker: Dr. Jhanis Gonzalez, Applied Spectra/ Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
  • Date/Time: October 21 (Sun) / 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Session: 18ATOM05 Laser Ablation- Based Spectroscopy Techniques: Fundamentals and Applications

  • Oral Presentation: Chemical Imaging Using Tandem Femtosecond- LIBS and LA-ICP-MS
  • Time: Monday (Oct. 22), 9:55 AM
  • Location:A706
  • Presenter: Jhanis J. Gonzalez12; 1. Applied Spectra, Inc., 2. L. Berkeley National Lab.

Session: 18LIBS10- Method Validation

  • Oral Presentation: Protocol Scheme for the Direct Analysis of Solid Samples by Laser Ablation- Inductively Coupled Optical Emission Spectroscopy (LA-ICP-OES) and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LBIS)
  • Time:Thursday (Oct. 25), 2:50 PM
  • Location: A601
  • Presenter: Jhanis Gonzalez12, Amanda dos Santos Augusto23, Dayana Oropeza2, Edenir R. Pereira-Filho3, Jose R. Cirinos2, Richard E. Russo12, Vassilia Zorba2; 1. Applied Spectra, Inc. Fremont. CA. USA, 2.L. Berkeley National Lab. Berkeley. CA. USA, 3.Federal University of Sao Carlos. Brazil

Poster Session: 18THPLIBS-Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

  • Poster Presentation: Real-Time Elemental Analysis of Petroleum and Other Liquids Using LIBS :Petroleum refinery and fuels managements need faster and frequent readings of elemental composition using LIBS.
  • Time: Thusday (Oct. 25), 11:00 AM
  • Location: Imperial B
  • Poster Number:: 52
  • Presenter: Alexander Bol’shakov1; 1 Applied Spectra, Inc.

Sponsored Sessions

Laser Ablation -Based Spectroscopy Techniques: Fundamentals and Applications (18ATM05)

  • Time: Monday (Oct. 22), 9:15 AM
  • Location: A706
  • Organizer and Presider: Dr. Jorge Pisonero

Chemometrics in Forensics (18FORENS03)

  • Time: Tuesday (Oct. 23), 9:15 AM
  • Location: L503
  • Organizer and Presider: Dr. Brooke W. Kammrath


Notable Technical Presentations by Our Research Collaborators and Customers at SCiX 2018


Tuesday Oct 23


18LIBS04: LIBS 2018 – Archeology and Anthropology

Title: Multi-Elemental Hydroxyapatite Standards for Quantitative Analysis of Anthropological Samples by LIBS, New approach to matrix-matched hydroxyapatite standards

Time and Location:  1:30 PM, A601
Speaker: Matthieu Baudelet12, Mauro Martinez1; 1NCFS – University of Central Florida, 2Chemistry – University of Central Florida


18LIBS06: LIBS 2018 – Forensics And Security 1

Title: Developments in Forensic and Security Applications of LIBS Recent developments in LIBS applications in Forensic Science

Time and Location:  3:50 PM, A601
Speaker: Jose Almirall1; 1Florida International University


18LIBS06: LIBS 2018 – Forensics And Security 1

Title: Uranium Isotopic Analysis with Laser-induced Plasma

Time and Location:  4:30 PM, A601
Speaker: George Chan1, Xianglei Mao1, Vassilia Zorba1, Richard Russo1; 1Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Wednesday Oct 24


18CHEM03: Chemometric Opportunities in the Forensic Sciences

Title: Classification of Powder Heroin Samples using Elemental and Strontium Isotope Ratio Data, Determination of production region of heroin entering the U.S. by elemental and isotopic methods

Time and Location: 9:35 AM, L503
Speaker: Sarah C. Jantzi1, Joshua Debord2, Ali Pourmand3, Sini Panicker4, Jose Almirall2; 1TEAF, IFRI, Florida International University, 2IFRI, Florida International University, 3Dept. of Marine Geosciences, University of Miami, 4Special Testing & Research Laboratory, US DEA