Applied Spectra, Inc. Celebrates 1 year Anniversary of Direct Office Opening in South Korea

Applied Spectra, Inc. is pleased to celebrate the 1st year of business for their direct office in South Korea. Applied Spectra (ASI) opened the local office in South Korea in 2014 to better support the growing LA (Laser Ablation) and LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) instrument base while maintaining high customer satisfaction in the region.  Today, the Korean branch has expanded its role to closely work with new and existing customers to develop new analytical applications.

ASI Korea’s office is also expected to serve as the instrument service and sales training site for all ASI international distributors in Asia.
“The direct office in South Korea provides convenient location for our international distributors in China, Japan, Taiwan, India, and SE Asia to obtain product sales and service training. I am excited to have successfully completed our 1st year of ASI Korea operation,” says Dr. Jong H. Yoo, Executive Vice President & GM at Applied Spectra.  “I look forward to working with ASI Korea’s staff in the future to provide value-adding service for our customers in South Korea and for our international distributors.”

Congratulations to ASI Korea and its staff on their 1st year of business. A full press release on the event is available, here.