LIBS At Work On Mars

by Dr. Alex Bolshakov Kudos to Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)! LIBS, powerful spectroscopic technology for elemental analysis, has done something that no other technologies have done before – land on Mars and help the Earth understand the chemical composition…

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Up and Coming Forensics Tools for Processing Trace Evidence

Forensic Science Applications of Laser Ablation (LA-ICP-MS) and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) in Crime Labs

In a world where crime labs are under intense scrutiny, it’s up to the scientific community to give forensic analysts tools that produce scientifically valid results while reducing the potential for mistakes. Justice needs results that will withstand scientific inquiry, time, and courtrooms. Technology vetted in the scientific world is helping investigators understand crime scenes and identify suspects by analyzing trace evidence, such as glass, paint chips, hair, soil particles, ink, and narcotics sources.

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Are Your Li-ion Batteries Made with the Purest Materials?

Applied Spectra’s LIBS instrument can make Li-ion batteries better from beginning to end.

Lithium-ion batteries run everything from our cell phones and cameras to power tools and wheelchairs. Since Sony introduced the first commercial Li-ion battery in the early 1990’s, demand has increased due to the explosion of consumer electronic devices, as well as electric and hybrid vehicles. Battery manufacturers want to be sure their batteries are safe and consistent, especially when lives are at stake.

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